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  1. I thought your presentation last night at St Lawrence was excellent. More power to your collective elbows! I can at last see the possibility of restoring what that dreadful man Ernest Marples so needlessly destroyed. I think the Ministry of Transport ought to pay a handsome sum in compensation to help kick-start this project

    1. Extract from “A Summary of the Case for Reopening the Inland Railway Route between Exeter and Newton Abbot,” published in 2014:-
      “The road incursions were made at a time when it was thought that the railway system would wither away. Much road construction was cheaper because it had not to accommodate lines of railway or because it took the courses of closed lines, in a period of massive public transport decline.
      “Now that that approach is commonly accepted as short-sighted folly, in all cases where railway reinstatement involves crossing or following new roads, the cost should be borne by the Highways Agency or other road authority as a form of reparation.”

  2. My letter to the National Park Authority:

    Dear Mr Harper,

    I have been a town planner for over 25 years, including a long and happy position in the West Country. Although my partner and I now live in London, we are regular visitors to Devon and the Dartmouth National Park. We recently enjoyed a holiday there which included a ride on the South Devon Railway and spent much time (and money) in Buckfastleigh. We would have continued to Ashburton if the railway had done so, so it is with great concern that I read the DNPA is considering a new masterplan that could abort the future reinstatement of the line back into Ashburton. I am well aware of the need to provide new housing, I spend much of my working day facilitating this goal, but it seems incredibly short-sighted to promote a masterplan that could deprive a town like Ashburton from the enormous economic and social benefits of being reconnected to the rail network. Increasing numbers of my generation choose not to drive and if a town doesn’t have a rail connection (a regular or a heritage service), then quite simply, we don’t bother to visit it and therefore don’t benefit the local economy and its hoteliers, shopkeepers, restaurants, visitor attractions etc.

    The extension of the South Devon Railway to Ashburton should be a key priority for the NPA and if the number of houses on this site has to be reduced somewhat, surely this is a very minor sacrifice, compared with the damage and disadvantage to the whole community that could be deprived of a new railway link to Buckfastleigh and Totnes. The mistakes of the 1950s-70s and the highway-obsessed national transport policies that led to the closure of the line and the severence of the town from the railway network should not be compounded by another retrograde planning decision.

    I would urge the planning authority to reconsider this matter and ensure that proper safeguards are in place to enable the railway to be reinstated. 

    Yours sincerely,

    Edmund Bird  BA, MSoc Sc, MA, MRTPI  

  3. I am visiting Buckfastleigh this week on business. I am coming by plane to Exeter and then public transport, including the SDR. If the railway went to Ashburton, I would have gone to visit it in my spare time. I have been on the SDR before but never been to Ashburton. Because it does not have a rail connection, again I won’t be going. The fact that it might have a new shopping centre would not entice me to get the bus to it! Surely enough said about how bizarre and absurd the planners position is.

  4. Well done to you for obtaining this ’11th hour reprieve on DNPA’s proposals, it is a shame that they are not embracing the same attitude as their counterparts at Exmoor National Park.

    The ENPA acknowledge the role a Heritage Railway can help to reduce car usage within the park and are listening to the Lynton & Barnstaple Trust in their efforts to rebuild the line. If have not read of their proposals a look at the website might provide some useful pointers towards your submission.
    Earlier I submitted my contact details for contributing to your ‘fighting fund’ campaign, are these arrangements now in place ?

  5. I write in support of those “friends” of Ashburton Station and agree with comments above. I am a volunteer at Severn Valley Railway, an extremely successful heritage line which has brought great benefit to Kidderminster and Bridgnorth as well as many smaller populated areas in between. The value of the line is amply demonstrated by the attendance at the recent Steam Gala weekend when some 7,500 visitors bought tickets over the three days.

    Need one say more??

  6. I support the proposal to extend back to Ashburton to make this a proper, complete, GWR branch line once more.t 

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