Our Last Chance?

Friday 5th June is when the final decision of whether to adopt the Chuley Road Masterplan goes to the members of Dartmoor National Park Authority. Please read our Statement regarding the report produced by DNPA planning department and then please send a correspondence to Mr Peter Harper (contact details below) voicing your support for a railway to return to Ashburton and any additional comments you may have. Get as many people as you can to do the same, this could be our last chance to be heard!

Mr Peter Harper (Chairman)

Peter Harper

Appointed By:

Secretary of State for the Environment


Dartmoor National Park Authority
Bovey Tracey
Newton Abbot
TQ13 9JQ


01647 253203

4 thoughts on “Our Last Chance?”

  1. The wealth generation potential of the railway returning to the town , will greatly outway any short term development will have 

  2. The railway returning to Ashburton would benefit not only the town, but indeed the whole of Devon as well as the millions of visitors our county receives from all over the country and beyond. 

  3. This town have suffered ,as others, from losing their railways-buckfastleigh has benefited at ashburtons lose-even as a preserved railway it brings in tourism and growth-last chance to right a wrong! Many towns wish they could “go back” and alter history-times is right for ashburton!

  4. It is beyond belief that the benefits that would be brought to Ashburton and the surrounding area by re-building the railway can not been seen by the powers that be. As a business man I wish a chance like this had fallen in my lap!. Every where railways both national and preserved are booming and the DNPA wish to throw the chance away!!. As the Railway operating rights still exist (because it is a dismantled Railway not
    an abandoned one it may well be illegal to build on the land!)

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