Ashburton Station Needs YOU

After a meeting with Dartmoor National Park on the 27th January 2015 we have been given a huge list of information that Dartmoor National Park will require to be able to safeguard Ashburton Station and the old trackbed through the Chuley Road development area.

We have been given the almost impossible deadline of the 24th February 2015 to have all this information together.

Below is the list we have been given, please take a good look through and if you can offer us any assistance with anything please contact us. Also if you know of any companies that would like to help, please ask them to contact us.

Time is very much against us now, this is likely to be the last chance of ever returning a railway to Ashburton

We will soon need to raise funds to purchase the Station and safe guard the land which the old trackbed passed through. Our first stage estimates to save the most ‘at risk’ plots are something in the region of £3 million – which is no small sum – but is not impossible.

We have to finalise our constitution before we can actually accept any funds but if you would like to help save Ashburton Station and return the railway to Ashburton please send us a pledge, we will get back to you when we launch our fundraising. Our Donations page is Here

Here is the list Dartmoor National Park have given us, the Bold text is the list and in Italic are our comments / progress. Please also read through Our Proposal which will help answer some questions about what we are trying to achieve.

A detailed plan showing the route identified for a new line between Buckfastleigh and Ashburton, together with information regarding land ownership and any progress or understanding of this to date.

We have in our possession the feasibility study that was undertaken by Exeter University Students in 1997, this does go some way towards answering the above point but ideally it could do with updating.

Information regarding specific civil engineering / infrastructure required for a scheme on this route, cost estimates for this, including the track itself.

Again we have some calculations from the 1997 feasibility study but these need to be re-worked and the section under the Pear Tree road junction up to the station needs to be calculated as it was purely estimated before.

Evidence, information, expectation or assumptions you have on land cost estimates within the Masterplan site, and on the route of the new line.

We could really do with having current and potential price valuations for all of the land required between Buckfastleigh and Ashburton Station but particularly the land / properties with in the Chuley Road Development Site.

Evidence you have on constraints to delivery (planning / environmental issues), and risk.

A business case – proposals for Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and the wider line – how do you consider the line will operate?

What function (recreational or wider) will it serve?  Do you have a projection of visitor numbers?  Do you have any other revenue projections, or estimates of secondary benefits? How have you considered different approaches or scales of work, including costs and projected visitor numbers –
Public access to the Station Buildings, with interpretation around its history
Railway Heritage Centre at the Station, a visitor attraction, but not with a physical rail link
The opening of a line to the edge of Ashburton (as per your earlier feasibility study)
The opening of a line to the original station

What is your preferred proposal, and how is it intended that it is funded?
Over what timescale is it expected that the project might be delivered?
What assumptions have you made in putting together the information?
What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the project?

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