Other Benefits

Tangible Public Transport Benefits

The re-instatement of a railway to Ashburton will create a heritage railway transport link between the main line railway system at Totnes, operating as a public leisure transport corridor serving Staverton, Buckfastleigh, Ashburton and with potential additional links Dartmoor.

Completion of the railway line between Ashburton and Totnes Station, a short walk from the mainline railway will enable visitors to use the country’s public transport system to access Ashburton and its’ attractions. At present access is largely by private car or coach, and so the railway would help reduce traffic movements on local rural roads.

Wider Benefits

In time if interest was there it would be possible to create benefits for a larger area of Dartmoor, using heritage bus services to various destinations on the moors for example. Such a service could further increase the appeal for tourists to visit and stay in the area. Working with DNPA and other parties it would be possible for this scheme to help promote the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of Dartmoor National Park and could offer a real alternative to visitors travelling in private vehicles, helping alleviate the busy roads during the tourist season.

A service such as this could help to increase and spread the economic benefits of this proposal to a wider area, and potentially be used during the holiday season by local residents as a supplementary method of public transport.

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