Stage Two

Stage two of our proposal would be, as fundraising allows, to purchase of the remaining plots that are on the original formation and reinstate the running line from the platform to Pear Tree Cross. This would allow us to run short train rides on the line to help us raise much needed funds for the extension towards Buckfastleigh and to improve the onsite facilities we can offer.

The priority would be to purchase the two plots that lay directly on the old track alignment (marked as number 7 & 8 on the map). The purchase of these plots would give us a ‘clear run’ to Pear Tree Cross. After purchase of the plots we would seek to let them short term, possible to the current owners, until such a time as we had funding available to reinstate the line and avoid the buildings being left empty with potential of becoming an eyesore.

The next objective would be to acquire the land up to Pear Tree Cross from the current owner, which we believe to be Ashburton Town Council. We would like to think that if that is the case, the town council might consider donating the land to us in exchange for us providing a suitable replacement footpath / cycle track, alongside the new line, to compensate for the loss of Bulliver’s Way.

Acquisition of this land would allow us to install a new joint use footpath / cycleway a few metres to the south of the current Bulliver’s Way and do all of the other necessary work for the track to be re-instated, including reopening all the blocked drainage channels and culverts. The track could then be installed and a basic service could be operated at weekends during the tourist season to help raise the money for the next stage of the project, returning to Buckfastleigh.

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