Public Meeting 28th February

Welcome to all our new members. Don’t forget, we’ll be holding a Public Meeting at 6.30pm on Saturday 28th February (St Lawrence Chapel, almost opposite Ashburton station), and we’d love for you to come along. It’s an opportunity for us to give the local community an overview of our ambitions, and also to present some of the work we’ve been doing in our bid to persuade DNP Planners to alter their development plan for the station site.

Crucially too, we want to update you on the present situation.

We’re now at a very crucial stage in our campaign to prevent development which may compromise the station’s future potential, and it’s likely there are more tough challenges ahead. Please do come along and show your support, and find out what you can do to help the cause.

Thank you, and see ya’ there.

One thought on “Public Meeting 28th February”

  1. Although not a resident, I strongly believe that proposals for redevelopment are shortsighted and fail to recognize the longer term benefits that such a retention would serve. Once again, an example of the infrastructure of the UK being sacrificed for short term expediency. 

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