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You may have already heard that the Friends of Ashburton Station (FoAS) and South Devon Railway Trust (SDRT) sought legal advice over Dartmoor National Park Authority’s (DNPA)handling of the Chuley Road Masterplan. The outcome was that DNPA planners had not followed the process set out in the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (‘PCPA 2004’) and the Town & Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (‘the Regulations’) correctly. A letter submitted to DNPA by the SDRT solicitors brought DNPA’s attention to this fact and offered them the opportunity to correct this. As a result the masterplan has been rescinded and its’ status returned to ‘Draft’.

In basic terms the part of the process in question is the consultation and the way it was, or was not, undertaken. Legal advice was sought on the grounds that we felt the consultation process was flawed, which has been proven to be correct. The rescinding of the masterplan is unlikely to change the end result but it does however give the residents of Ashburton one final chance to make their voices heard and speak up for what they want to see. Ultimately, it will be down to the local community, rather than the enthusiasts, whether the reinstatement of a railway connection with the SDR and Network Rail is ever to be possible.

We have heard mixed opinions regarding the railway being returned to Ashburton but it is very difficult to gauge to overall feelings of the town. It is because of this we are asking the residents of to fill in this questionnaire, our aim is to try and gauge the honest opinion of Ashburton, its’ residents and businesses.

We will pass on all submissions to Dartmoor National Park Authority and hope that it gives an honest and genuine view from the town.


The details of how Chuley Road could be developed around a returning railway are still very much open to further discussion with all interested parties. All we are trying to gauge at this point is whether Ashburton supports the concept of the railway returning and would like to see their station restored to its original purpose and see steam trains return or not.

Please fill in the form below and let us know your views. We would be grateful if you would fill in your town and Postcode, this is so we can confirm which answers are from the residents of Ashburton, although we are of course happy to hear from anyone.


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5 thoughts on “Residents of Ashburton – Speak Up Now”

  1. We can’t stop progress. But it should be done with sense and respect for our heritage and history. Leave the site alone please! Preserve the physical presence of history! 

  2. A stated goal of FoAS was to preserve and restore the station building as a heritage asset – this would be an achievable outcome that is supported by the plan and would be supported by the residents, unlike the return of the track.  I personally wish the FoAS would work with the local businesses and residents and put all their efforts into that achievable goal rather than against local opinion.

  3. As a man who grew up in South Devon it is obvious that adding houses and convence stores will add to traffic congestion. This impacts on locals and tourists alike who find it hard enough as it is squeezing past each other on the Devon lanes. New houses in the area would probably be unaffordable to local people so in my opinion the original plan was wrong. If Ashburton wants to increase it’s business while preserving its wonderful character then returning the steam railway is probably the answer

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