Update – 10th July

A brief note on behalf of the FoAS Committee to let you all know where we are.

Having taken some time to reflect on the DNPA decision to accept the Masterplan, our group has several potential courses of action. We’re currently taking advice from a number of bodies, and talking to organisations and individuals whose support has been instrumental so far, about how they see the next stage. We’re also listening to new ideas and offers of help.

We feel sure you’ll appreciate these discussions are live and sensitive, and it wouldn’t be right to elaborate in this public forum. For similar reasons, it isn’t appropriate for us to enter into some of the discussions on social media right now. But rest assured, we all do monitor the threads very closely, and we also read and consider every comment. We will be privately following up on your many welcome ideas and offers of help.

It’s been really heartening to see that, far from dampening spirits, the DNPA decision has actually redoubled our group’s passion for the fight for Ashburton Station. Whatever the next steps, we feel sure this will serve the group well. The Committee is mindful that time is pressing on, but because our next move will be an important one, we know it must be made with careful consideration and planning.

Thank you for your continued support.

3 thoughts on “Update – 10th July”

  1. Hi All, Some one may already have thought of this but just in case what about getting onto local MPs. They often take a different view to councillors but do have a bit of clout.

    As to the people making these awful decisions there views are so against the local people I do wonder what would be turned up if they were put under some scrutiny!

  2. Dear Sirs

    This is the Dartmoor National Park

    I stress the word National..

    the decisions being made are not parochial or local but of National importance and of our National interests.

    It appears that a very local and parochial agenda is being railroaded through the long term interests of Ashburton .

    In the interests of the National agenda this Brunel era station should be both safeguarded and reconnected to the SDR as soon as possible.

    Look at the campaigning of Madge Elliot if the Scottish Borders

    Everyone can see the benefits

    How blind can DNP be..

    Philip Chatfield Sculptor

  3. All these things are driven by money. Follow the money to see who gains most and that will be the driver for this plan. Similar situation in my home town with a huge housing development. Money talks!

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