Update – 12th August

FoAS has been working with the South Devon Railway Trust (SDRT) and others to investigate the potential merits and risks involved in challenging the Masterplan further. We’ve taken professional legal advice and have consulted many who have experience in the field.

Following these discussions, some legal work is currently in progress. We can’t comment further at this stage, and would ask that you respect the sensitivity of the topic in your discussions online. The SDRT has funded this initial work, and would welcome donations towards the cost. For more information on how you can make a donation please click here. It’s very important to stress that this is preliminary work, with no obligation or commitment to launching a judicial review at this stage.

The next point is also very important.

Further legal action, or other actions to further the project,  would not only require significant funding, but a major commitment of time and energy on the part of those who wished to take it forward.  Having worked tirelessly to take the campaign to its current point, the present FoAS committee does not feel able to resource such a project in its current form, and we are now calling for those who feel passionately that this fight should continue to take more of a leading role. If you feel you can offer the necessary commitment, time and skills to play an active and immediate role in continuing the campaign, please contact  info@friendsofashburtonstation.co.uk.

From all our discussions it’s clear there remains great passion, both inside the town and out, for a continued campaign to protect and fully exploit Ashburton’s railway heritage. The challenge now for those who wish to continue the campaign is to convert their passion into the practical effort and, ultimately, funding required to move this on to the next stage.

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