Update – 3rd July

Friends of Ashburton Station are, of course, extremely disappointed with DNPA’s decision to accept the Chuley Road Masterplan, thereby denying Ashburton the opportunity of the benefits of a heritage railway connection in the future. 

We are exasperated by the determination of planners to dismiss our calls for changes to the Masterplan. Our group of volunteers have worked tirelessly to demonstrate to DNPA the potential social and economic benefits a railway could bring to the town. Despite a wealth of support from the local community, businesses and national bodies, they have chosen not to listen.

Instead, DNPA has accepted a report from its planners in which no railway bodies have been consulted, a report which consequently contains several major inaccuracies. In doing so, Members have endorsed the short-sighted predisposition towards other uses for the site, and have not given a fair hearing to the railway proposition.

We will be considering our options over the coming days. Meanwhile, we encourage anybody with a view on today’s decision to contact Peter Harper, DNPA Chairman, and the other members as a matter of urgency, see the following link for their contact details – http://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/aboutus/au-theauthority/au-members/members

One thought on “Update – 3rd July”

  1. I agree this decision is appalling, ill considered and arguably naive. I fully support you and will write a letter to the chairman of the offending body.


    Ian Smith

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