Update – 8th September 2015

As a result of legal investigations commissioned by the South Devon Railway Trust (SDRT) with the generous support of many in this group, Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) has acknowledged some fundamental flaws in the Chuley Road Masterplan. These relate to the type of planning document adopted by the planners, and consequently the inadequacy of consultation processes pursued by them in constructing the Masterplan. As a result, DNPA planners have been forced to recommend the withdrawal of the final document approved by its Members, and return the Masterplan to consultation.

Consequently, the Masterplan will be downgraded to a draft once again, and those with views will be able to have them heard in due course. We await news of how DNPA will be consulting with interested parties and ensuring their views are heard more appropriately than before. But this should at least be an opportunity for those who feel passionately about the safeguarding of railway land and heritage assets on this site to have their views considered properly and under the spotlight.

This will be our last chance, your last chance, to make a difference.

David, myself and others have worked tirelessly to make a united case for safeguarding the heritage of this site. We feel we have contributed everything we can to establishing this group with a presence and a voice, and to make a difference to a planning process that has been unwilling to give us a fair hearing. We recognise this is now a fight to be taken on by the many passionate voices we’ve been hearing among the town’s people and beyond, who see the need for a longer term vision for this site.

We now reiterate our call for passionate and capable volunteers to come forward and lead the group into its next stage. As always, we invite your responses to info@friendsofashburtonstation.co.uk

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